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Hanuman. Kumbakarna, who actually does not agree with Rahwana, s conduct, still feels very sad seeing his sister and Cousin die. He still wishes to show his loyalty to his country. Rushing forward to the battle- field, lie is attacked by an army of apes, all of whom are beaten even Laksmana is beaten. Only when Rama appears armed with bow and arrows that Kumbakarna dies as a hero.

In the meantime, in the palace of Alengka, Rahwana is still trying to tempt Sinta to become his wife. To make her accept his proposal, lie tells her that Rama and Laksmana have died on the battle-field. Rahwana calls two giants to bring two imitation heads
of Rama and Laksmana. Seeing the two heads is a great shock to Sinta and she faints. Trijata, who knows Rahwana's device, is very angry and accuses Rahwana of being bad, cowardly and shamelessking. He then goes away and decides to face Rama himself.
When all the commanders of Alengka have been killed Ral-twa-na goes forward to the battle-field to face Rama himself. Both produce their magic weapons, but at last Rahwana dies by Rama'sarrow called Guwawijaya. The giants who are still alive surrender.
Wibisana is then crowned by Rama to succeed his brother. as king of Alengka.

After Rahwana's death Sinta appears, accompanied by Trijata. Rama doubts Sinta's chastity. Seeing Rama's suspicion, Sinta bursts into tears. Trijata does her utmost to convince Rama that Sinta's chastity has never been stained by Rahwana. But Rama says that the accusation comes not only from him but 'also from the people.
Sinta will have to pass an ordeal by fire. If she is burnt, it will mean that she is no longer pure, if she is not, it will prove that she is still pure. Sinta submits to the ordeal by fire, and Hyang Brama, the God of Fire protects her. Sinta is not burnt; on the

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